PRIMEX for All

PRIMEX is an inclusive trainer designed to benefit a broad spectrum of people in all stages of life, from apex athletes and high-school students to senior citizens. Its brilliant cross-lateral design targets virtually every part of your body, isolating and strengthening your unique weak spots, while its ingenious customization capabilities ensure you can tailor the PRIMEX to suit your individual needs.


PRIMEX poses invigorating physical and mental challenges to even the most accomplished athletes poised at the peak of their abilities.

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For young and growing athletes, PRIMEX provides a supremely effective alternative to the potentially injurious weight-lifting regimens commonly promoted in school programs.

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From grandchildren and gardening to travel and second careers, the senior years are full of activities that make demands on a mature body.

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Injury Rehab

PRIMEX is an ideal tool for post-injury rehabilitative exercises, surgery recovery, and physical therapy.

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Gyms and Clubs

PRIMEX belongs in any fitness center that seeks to provide members with dynamic new workout possibilities.

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