Gyms and Clubs

PRIMEX belongs in any fitness center that seeks to provide members with dynamic new workout possibilities. It easily adapts to popular high-intensity workout styles as well as to a range of ages and abilities, boasting across-the-board appeal. And 10-minute PRIMEX workouts make it possible to host multiple classes per hour.


Key Benefits


  • Generates increased revenue by facilitating the execution of four classes in the span of just one hour due to the brevity of PRIMEX workouts.
  • Facilitates the creation of a new membership tier for qualifying gym members who have been familiarized with its functions and capabilities, and have signed up to use PRIMEX individually or in class settings.
  • Provides a customizable, comprehensive workout, or serves to supplement other aspects of a fitness routine during individual use.
  • Enables the development of new classes with appeal to every portion of a fitness center community — adults, kids, seniors, and athletes.
  • Provides an extreme caloric burn, accomplishing in minutes what other machines do in hours. 
  • Challenges nearly every voluntary muscle in the body through an organic process of muscle chain activation.
  • Demands full physical and mental engagement for a truly complete, whole-being workout — no reading a magazine or watching TV while your body mindlessly does all the work.
  • Makes a complete workout possible for anyone in less than ten minutes, including warm up and cool down.
  • Moves and hangs on the wall with ease, making storage as efficient as the PRIMEX workout itself.