Injury Rehab

PRIMEX is an ideal tool for post-injury rehabilitative exercises, surgery recovery, and physical therapy. Gentle and adaptable, it was originally created to help people in compromised physical condition. Its variable resistance, no-impact, gliding motions restore mobility, reawaken degenerated muscles, and return patients to optimal quality of life.


Key Benefits

  • Presents no strain to the joints with its smooth, gliding motions.
  • Suits your unique needs with 3 customizable tension bands, so you can adjust the level of resistance from 10 - 60 lbs.
  • Allows for zero pounds of resistance if tension bands are left off—ideal for exercises designed to simply restore range of motion.
  • Adapts to an assortment of workout styles, including HIIT, as well as various modes of physical therapy.
  • Targets specific muscles in need of attention, or engages nearly every voluntary muscle in the body for comprehensively therapeutic exercise.