Our Story

The creator of PRIMEX was driven by a desire to help one individual achieve improved quality of life. He met a wheelchair-bound double amputee who lacked the strength to walk on his prosthetic legs, and he was inspired to help. Synthesizing his lifelong interest in inventing with his professional background in the field of prosthetics, he created the first prototype for today’s PRIMEX. After just six weeks of using the machine, the patient was walking on his prosthetic legs with the help of a walker. After nine weeks, he only needed a cane. He also had an incredible six-pack on his torso — a testament to the newfound strength of his core.

Professional Design

Eight prototypes later, today’s PRIMEX is a product of rigorous laboratory testing, ample scientific research, and countless hours refining the smallest details. Yet beneath its ingenious engineering and cutting-edge capabilities, PRIMEX is still the very personal passion project it was when it originated—a tool for solving problems and helping people enjoy whole-life enhancement through whole-body fitness.


  • FOOTPADS - Sturdy steel substructure provides supreme endurance. Lock in place to disengage legs and focus on upper-body training.
  • KNEE AND ELBOW PADS - Supportive surfaces cushion 2 knees and 2 elbows all at once or one at a time for comfortable, varied workouts.
  • RAILS - Heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum provides strength, durability, longevity, and smooth gliding.
  • HANDLES - Twist to adapt to your desired position. Lock in place to disengage arms and focus on core & lower-body training.
  • RESISTANCE BANDS - Customizable bands provide 10-to-60 lbs. of resistance. Push in, pull out, or both; possibilities are virtually endless.
  • EASY MOBILITY - Handles and smooth-rolling wheels make it easy to move and store the PRIMEX, or even hang it on a wall.