Put to the Test

PRIMEX was tested at the Human Performance Lab in the Department of Health and Human Development at Montana State University. Doctor Dan Heil, PhD FACSM, directed the study along with participation from Doctor Milica McDowell, MS DPT, a physical therapist. Rigorous laboratory testing revealed that PRIMEX outperforms elliptical trainers by providing comprehensive whole-body benefits with maximum efficiency.

The Science


Total Energy Expenditure

Our in-depth laboratory study revealed that total energy expenditure (EE) during both easy and moderate exercise on the PRIMEX Trainer is significantly higher than it is during easy and moderate exercise on an elliptical machine. And intense interval training on PRIMEX results in impressively substantial total EE. The higher the total EE, the higher the localized blood flow rate, and the lower the SmO2, or muscle oxygen saturation. Lower SmO2 means muscles are used more heavily and overall exercise intensity increases.


anaerobic energy expenditure

Our study also revealed that anaerobic energy expenditure (EE) during moderate exercise on PRIMEX is much higher than it is during moderate exercise on an elliptical machine. And intense interval training on PRIMEX results in sky-high levels of anaerobic EE. These findings correspond to the blood lactate levels of our study participants, which indicated major anaerobic EE. High anaerobic EE creates a greater demand on your metabolic and muscular systems, resulting in a more comprehensively effective workout.

Muscle Engagment

PRIMEX exercise depleted muscle oxygen at a higher rate than comparable exercise on an elliptical, providing more results in less time. PRIMEX works the majority of all voluntary muscles at once, providing a more comprehensively muscle toning workout that improves your entire figure.


PRIMEX exercise has a MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task — a measure of the energy cost of physical activities) of 8 to 10, comparable to jogging, vigorous calisthenics, or rope jumping. Unlike other exercises with similar METs, PRIMEX exercise presents no impact stress to the joints.

Heart Rate

All levels of PRIMEX exercise elicit a much higher heart rate than all similar levels of exercise on an elliptical. The stronger heart rate response elicited by PRIMEX puts increased demand on your body and cardiovascular system, creating a truly demanding workout.

Caloric Burn

A PRIMEX workout of moderate intensity burns more calories than an elliptical workout of moderate intensity. High-intensity interval training on the PRIMEX burns dramatically more calories than an elliptical workout.

Weight Loss

Even an easy workout on the PRIMEX creates enough of a heart rate demand to result in weight loss. A moderate PRIMEX workout goes beyond weight loss to improve your overall fitness, while an intense PRIMEX workout would serve to maximize your performance as an athlete.

Fat Burn

PRIMEX exercise makes aerobic demands on your body, causing you to burn more fat as fuel. All levels of PRIMEX exercise—whether easy, moderate, or intense—demand more of the body’s aerobic and anerobic system than an elliptical workout, making the PRIMEX a true fat-burning machine.