From grandchildren and gardening to travel and second careers, the senior years are full of activities that make demands on a mature body. PRIMEX workouts help seniors to meet life’s challenges by strengthening the core which will improve balance, hone coordination, promote a healthy heart and good cognitive function.


Key Benefits

  • Presents zero impact to joints with its smooth, gliding motions.
  • Improves balance — crucial for fall prevention and increased agility—by targeting the body’s core through cross-lateral resistance.
  • Counteracts atrophy to the core due to a sedentary lifestyle by working abs, hips, back, and buttocks simultaneously.
  • Promotes optimal cardiovascular health through intense, brief bursts of exercise.
  • Hones coordination skills through challenging cross-lateral movements. 
  • Activates new neural patterning in the brain which enhances both cognitive vitality and mood.
  • Makes a complete, comprehensive workout possible in just a few minutes, including warm up and cool down, so you have time to enjoy an active life.